Saturday, June 10, 2017

No "Wonder" For Me

This is going to be a relatively short and it will go against the common opinion. 

On Saturday, June 10, I went to see the new Wonder Woman film. It was it's 2nd weekend in wide release and did $100 million at the box office the first week.

Prior to going I had heard from quite a few good things about it. Most of them touting the fact that there's:
A: finally a good movie in the DC cinematic universe
B: a strong female super hero film

Based on the trailer I had seen and the positive feedback I was looking forward to enjoying my first DC feature in the theater. Add into the equation that one of my top 3 favorite actors, Chris Pine, is in it and you can  understand why I was anxious to see it.

When we got to the theater entrance there was a long line waiting to buy tickets. That is very unusual at this theater for the first show on a movie's second weekend. I took this to be an encouraging aspect too. 

Well,15 minutes into it I realized it was going to be a long 2 hours. I'd seen this movie before. In fact Marvel has made this film twice,only they were called: Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger. Both of them were much much better films. 

Other than the character of Wonder Woman and her unique powers and weapons there was nothing original about this movie. Gal Gidot is beautiful and fits the model of Wonder Woman very well. But she doesn't change enough during the film. She becomes boring. 

As I mentioned earlier, I like Chris Pine but his character was very limited; kept under wraps. He was not allowed to take it over the top as he can. That made his ultimate fate at the end underwhelming.

 The story is unoriginal and predictable. The supporting characters are one dimensional predictable stereotypes. I immediately became bored and disengaged. The major plot points were not very surprising. The villains were not evil enough. The casting of an actor so closely associated with the Harry Potter franchise as Aries, the main villain, took away from the story as well. 

The ending was too drawn out and anti-climatic. It took too long to get to a payoff that wasn't worth waiting for. 

I was so bored with this film that I probably slept through 1/3 of it, including most of the ending. 

While most of the superhero loving movie goers are enjoying and even praising Wonder Woman as being a great superhero film I have to be honest. I was very disappointed. It may be making a lot of money but the first DC film featuring Diana of the Amazons was no wonder for me.   

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