Tuesday, May 3, 2016

A Precious View

Let me take you back to a moment from this past weekend when Brandi and James, my daughter-in-law and son, invited Paula and I to be present for a small glimpse into the future and a big moment in their lives. 

Saturday May 1, 2016 about 1:45 PM CDT: 
We are seated in a room that's like a small private theater with some medical equipment and a patient exam table. We were in the dark facing a large screen that glowed white from the bulb of a digital projector. Ambient light allowed me to see the faces of others in the room. Like mine they were poised with looks of anticipation. The technician was preparing my daughter-in-law for her ultrasound.We're at a place in Bowling Green called "Precious View." They specialize in sonogram procedures for pregnant women.

A few minutes later an amazing picture appeared on the screen and the sound of my 2nd grandchild's heart beat filled the room. 

The images switched from black and white images to detailed 4D motion video.  

There was a few minutes of different views as the technician searched for views that would give her the information everyone wanted to know. Something that cannot be learned until the start of the 2nd trimester of a pregnancy. 

The 4D views were so detailed that even with an untrained eye I had a pretty good idea what we were about to discover. 

Soon the technician announced that it's time for the reveal. That's when an image came onto the screen with these words: 
I am a boy!

It was a watershed moment for all of us. Brandi and James will now have a son, Aria is going to have a little brother, and Paula and I will have a grandson. 

This addition to our family will arrive sometime near the end of October. Everyone is anxious to meet him. 

Aria, who really really wanted a little sister but is still happy about getting a brother, left the office with a new one of a kind stuffed animal. When she squeezes it she hears the recorded sound of the baby's heartbeat.     

There is so much I could write about in regard to the excitement and hope that a new baby in the family will bring. I'm talking about: seeing him smile for the first time, hearing him laugh at something simple, making a face when trying a food he doesn't like at all. I could go on and on; but I think I'll just share those things with you as they happen.

I just had to share this special event with you today. What are your stories about finding out the sex of your child or grandchild?  Send it to me on: 
Facebook (Facebook.com/ron.havens.50) 
Twitter (@RHFactors909), 
Email (RHavens1423@aol.com). 

I'd appreciate you sharing your precious memories with me. 


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