Monday, August 17, 2015

Sunday August 16

It's been a while since I've written a post. I figured now would be a good time since haven't published on this blog in over a month. 

I know in my last post I promised some details about my search for a new car. While I intended to share the process with you, now that it's over I won't "bore" you with the details. Let me just state that my search ended on Monday, June 29 when I purchased a 2015 Kia Soul. 

I have added a video to my You Tube channel giving the "5 cent tour" of the vehicle when it was brand new. Here's the link:
Introducing My New Kia Soul

In the weeks since I brought it home I have put about 1900 miles on the car. But it wasn't until today (Sunday, August 16) that I took it on what could be considered a "road trip". Let me fill you in on how I spent this particular Sunday. 

After working outside on some of the things on my "to do" list on Saturday; I started this day with a bit of a backache. That painful condition changed my plans for the day. Instead of working outside again I decided to take it easy and do something relaxing. 

I was feeling better after some "hot water" therapy and my wife's massage of my lower back muscles with some essential oils. I showed her my gratitude by taking her car into "the grove" to put air in the tires and run it through the automatic car wash. 

 After that, I decided to head to Nashville to do something I haven't done in a while. 

It was a solo trip because Paula wanted to just stay home, relax, and binge watch "Being Human" on Netflix.

On the way down I-65, I initiated the Kia's cruise control and turned on the Yankees- Blue Jays baseball game on my XM radio. 

Because the game was at Roger's Field in Toronto, I listened to the Blue Jay's broadcasters describe the game. The feed from the local Toronto sports station included the local commercials. 

One of them was for a business called "Two Men & A Van". I thought it was a rather unique concept for a moving company. 

I'd never heard of them before that commercial aired. I only mention it now because I will be writing about it later. 

After about an hour, I finally reached my destination. I can't remember the last time I was there. 

I was anxious to get some new sets to add to my collection. The one I was especially looking for was sold out but I got a special code that will allow me to order it from the Lego website. I'll share exactly what that set is with you when I get it.  

What I find was a couple of cool things. 

I also got some pink & purple blocks for Aria to play with when she comes to visit. 

I picked up some lunch from the Opry Mills food court before heading home on I-65.

Just after I crossed the state line back into Kentucky I couldn't believe what passed me on the left. Here's what I saw. 

I had never ever heard of the company until just a couple of hours earlier. Now I see one of their vans on the highway beside me. I know it's hardly worth mentioning but it did seem very coincidental to me. 

I picked up a couple of dinners "to go" from a restaurant in Bowling Green and headed home.

We spent the rest of the night relaxing in our living room and watching the last 3 episodes of season 1 of Daredevil on Netflix. I like the show a lot. Marvel did a good job on it. 

It may not have been that exciting a day but I really enjoyed my road trip. It also gave me something to write about as a way of getting back to posting. How did you spend your Sunday? Weekend? Send me a comment on Facebook or Twitter. 

That's it for this time. Probably not all that interesting a post but at least I'm back. TTYL 

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