Saturday, July 11, 2015

Car Search Starts

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a post about the collision I had with my Saturn Vue. Accidents happen and this one left me without a vehicle. However there were some good things that came out of it. 

No longer did I have to deal with: 

  • Cleaning up the worn interior stained with the evidence of a decade of eating on the run in addition to being permanently coated with the seemingly magnetic dog hair from Angel.
  • Recharging the air-conditioning system that wasn't working very well. 
  • Getting the off-centered headlights adjusted (after the collision they were "adjusted" to about 3 feet in front of the rest of the car)

The most profitable aspect of the accident happened just 3 days afterwards. I sold the car for it's Kelly Blue Book value. 

Well, "sold" isn't the exactly the right world. My insurance company (the one with the gecko) declared the Vue a "total loss" and gave me a check. 

It was one of the quickest and easiest car insurance claim settlements that I have ever had. I want to give a big "thanks" to the local adjuster he was very efficient and professional.   

So at this point I am rather unexpectedly faced with shopping for a car. This is different than the last time Paula & I  had to buy a car (see September 15, 2011 post). 

Now I am a position where I can take my time to find the vehicle that meets my needs, both present and future. More on that and my shopping experience in my next post.     

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