Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Let's Build Something Together

It's a standard TV sit-com plot. The wife, wanting to spend more time with her husband, decides to get involved in his favorite activity or hobby. She suggests  to strengthen their marriage they play or do it together. Although it's against his better judgement, the husband cannot say "no". 

Most of the time it's golf but there's also episodes that involve fishing, playing poker, and even watching football. Because they're part of a comedy most of these episode turn out with the wife totally embarrassing the husband or being better then he is at the activity.

The episode usually ends with the couple deciding that there are some things they should do as individuals. 

Well, in my house over the last couple of months Paula and I have been living out that old TV plot for real. 

Now my wife has indulged me by coming along for the ride with me in the past. Two trips to Walt Disney World are at the top of that testimonial list. 

But lately, we have been spending some time doing something that initially might seem like it would really test the metal of a marriage. We built a house together; in fact we've built a couple of them. 

No, we haven't started a family contracting business. Paula has adopted a "if you can't be 'em; join 'em" attitude when it comes to my enjoyment of Legos. 

Last month we assembled a kit from the Lego Architecture series. It's a model of the home of the President of the United States: The White House.

It took us about 2 hours over the course of 3 Saturday nights to finish it. The model is now proudly displayed on a shelf in our living room. 

Sitting beside the White House, at least on our shelf, is the second Lego project we put together. 

It's our A-Frame summer home.

Working with my wife on Legos at home is a lot different than doing it while I'm on the phone a work. But it's still a lot of fun. 

The A-Frame is just the first of 3 houses we can build with Lego Creator kit 5891. So come back for more pictures when we finish the next two. 

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