Sunday, March 11, 2012

“Plastic Surgery”

A week ago I posted a summary of all the things that happened over the course of a very busy and eventful week.

One of the things I mentioned was that Paula and I had made a significant change in our financial set up that will make a big difference in our lives. Part of that action was paying off and closing most of our credit card accounts.

This action has rendered the little rectangular debt makers in our wallets, useless. So the only thing left to do was perform, what radio talk show host Dave Ramsey calls, ”plastic surgery”. I cut up the cards we no longer need. Of course, to make sure they couldn’t be fished out of our garbage and the numbers stolen I made sure they were in small pieces.

After I finished I put all the pieces in a small cup. As I stirred them up the variety of colors and sizes of the pieces reminded me of something that was rather appropriate for the given circumstances. I had made credit card confetti.

Instead of just throwing the pieces up in the air in celebration, I decided to do something that would last a little bit longer.

I glued the pieces of ex-credit cards to a piece of paper stock in a random pattern as though it had been shot of out of a cannon and frozen in mid air. I’m going to frame this silly little spontaneous art project and hang it over the desk where I pay our bills as a reminder of our landmark accomplishment and a goal for the future; to remain free from credit card debt.

So it is with a proud spirit I present to you my most recent arts & craft project:

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