Saturday, March 3, 2012

Leap Day Week

I’ll make this as brief as possible but I need to let you know that this past week, which included leap day, was a very eventful one for me. Here’s a short list of just some of the things that happened.

·      I participated in my first ever fantasy baseball draft. A friend of mine from church has asked me to help co-manage a team this season. The draft was a lot of fun. It's a long season (about 6 months long) but I think I'm going to enjoy it. 

·      I got to see a new 4D ultrasound images of our granddaughter, Aria, including one where she's sucking her thumb.

·      I donated plasma and got paid for it. (more about this in a future post)

·     Paula and I made a financial decision we wanted to "pull the trigger on" for about 6 years. It will improve our lives and give us the opportunity to give more to help others.

·      We also made our annual visit to the our local tax service office to find out how much of our money the government has been using interest free for a year and now has to give back to us.

·      There were 2 days of thunderstorms and tornadoes in our area. I spent and extra ½ hour at work on Friday afternoon in the storm shelter until it was safe to leave the warehouse.

·     I was saddened by the death of Monkees lead singer, Davey Jones

·     At the start the AWANA program at my church on Wednesday, I led the children in singing some songs.

·     We went to the hospital to visit our great niece (Paula’s nephew’s daughter) who gave birth to her son, Aaron David, on Leap Day, February 29.

·     Discovered that I lost my Dr. Demento’s 30th Anniversary double CD set and don’t know exactly how or when.

·     In, what I’ll very conservatively call, a “fit of frustration” I broke my laptop computer, took it to “The Geek Squad’, thought it was fixed but it wasn’t and ended up getting a new one.

·     I’d like to end this review of my week on a positive note. I’ve come up with an idea for an eating pattern that I believe will help me get back on the “weight loss train”. If I am successful I will finally make significant progress toward getting to my goal. I won’t give the details until I’ve put it into practice and it passes the “success” test. When I do share my idea with you it will be on my “Getting To My Goal” blog.

But there’s a few of the things that have happened to me this past week. Now you might understand why I haven’t posted since Monday.  I was very busy and both good and bad happened. How was your week?

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