Sunday, February 26, 2012

Oscar Preditions

Tonight is the 84th Academy Award Ceremonies. I look forward to Billy Crystal returning to host the show. In a lot of the major categories I don't really care who wins. However I do care who DOESN'T win. Here are my preferences for the winners.

Best Picture: ANYTHING but "Moneyball" It doesn't deserve to be mentioned nevertheless nominated for this award. Just the fact that the director isn’t nominated says a lot.  My prediction is “The Artist”.

Best Director: I really don't care but this one is usually linked with the "Best Picture" winner so I'll go with the director of “The Artist”.

Best Actor: ANYBODY but Clooney (I really really don’t like his acting, personality or his politics)  or Pitt (In "Moneyball" he did NOTHING that qualified him to even be nominated). It will probably be the guy from “The Artist”

Best Actress: Viola Davis for “The Help”

Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Davis for "The Help"

Best Supporting Actor: ANYBODY but Jonah Hill. How did this awful, vulgar, terrible actor get nominated? Hang your heads Academy voters. Shame on you.

I believe Christopher Plummer will win. He's an older actor who's nominated for playing a gay guy. Max Von Sydow is also an aged actor who’s nominated But Hollywood LOVES gay guys in movies.

The only other award I’m interested in is the Best Original Song award: I will be so thrilled when the song from “The Muppets” wins.

 “Man Or A Muppet” (not even the best song of the movie) has only one other song to beat out; that nerve-wracking song from “Rio”

In addition to the music awards I usually watch the Oscars for two other reasons: Best Animated Feature award and the “In Memorial” feature.

I usually root for the nominated Disney animated movie to win. Unfortunately there is not one nominated this year (“Cars 2” is the first Pixar animated feature not to be nominated for this award).

I pay attention to the montage of pictures remembering “those who left us” this year I want to see if there’s someone I liked but didn’t know they were gone and the crowd’s responses. More than likely Whitney Houston will get a considerable amount of applause.

But perhaps the main reason I watch the Oscars is because it’s such a pop culture event. Whatever happens tonight will be discussed tomorrow on the network morning news programs, TV talk shows, drive time morning radio programs, and around the water coolers of America.

I will be posting a brief update with the accuracy of my predations and give my opinion on all things Oscar in my next post. If I don’t then you’ll know by my omission I didn’t do very well or was very disappointed by the results.

Now let’s get on with it…..”And the Oscar goes to”…..

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