Monday, January 16, 2012

A Fast Food Restaurant Makeover

The first of the three construction projects going on in my little town has been completed. The McDonald's, where Michael worked when he was in high school, held it’s “Grand Reopening” complete with a visit from the corporate Icon, Ronald McDonald, was this past Saturday.

The fast food restaurant just off the interstate highway now has a bigger lobby with more booths, a raised counter with stools reminiscent of the old lunch counters at the old 5 and 10 cents stores. At a couple of the booths there are touch computer screens with video games for kids to play while they wait for mom and dad to order their food.

Here are the “before” and “after” pictures of the improvement project.

Finally even though I didn't post any pictures of the way it used to look I had to show you the double drive through lanes that are now open. 

I wonder if it’s going to make the lines shorter in the morning?  Only time will tell. 

The other two projects are making progress and will be finished in the next couple of months. I'll post and updates when they are finished as well. 

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