Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Paula In Candyland

One of the annual events of the Christmas season for my lovely wife, Paula, is the making of homemade candy. She makes two flavors of fudge, bon bons, rum balls, and chocolate covered cream de mint candies. We give the candies to family, friends, and fellow church members as Christmas gifts.

Last Friday night, for the first time I helped her make the confections. It was a fun experience and a great “team building” exercise.
In addition to the sweets I’ve already mentioned Paula ventured into new confectionary territory. 

She made peanut brittle especially for our daughter in law, Brandi. It was from an old family recipe. It’s made with Spanish peanuts, corn syrup, and baking soda. Like all her candy it turned out to be very good.

Making candy is the most recent in a series of culinary successes Paula has had in our kitchen this year. My last post was all about creativity and how it seeks its own level and wont’ be denied.

All though it always has, especially this year, Paula’s creativity had found its sweet spot in our kitchen. She has excelled in her cooking in 2011. Choosing my favorite of all the dishes she’s made this year is a very tough choice. But if I had to choose I would pick her slow cooked meatballs as my favorite meal and her low carb/low sugar pineapple upside down cake for my dessert.

Yes, I am a lucky man.  

Here are some pictures of the “Paula” who’s the cook in my kitchen from last Friday during her adventures in Candyland,

Preparing ingredients with her new food processor

Hand dipping Bon Bons one at a time

Giving the Cream De Mint candies their special shape

Putting the finished products into a storage container

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