Saturday, December 24, 2011

A "Major Award" For A Poem

On the day before the start of the annual "A Christmas Story" movie marathon on cable TV where Darrin McGavin's character gushes over his leg lamp; I wanted to display my very own "major award."

While to the average reader the picture above might simply look like a typical electric blanket it's actually a very special one. It was presented to me yesterday by the managers of the call center where I work. 

The reason I was honored with this gift was because of the Christmas poem I'd written. Shortly after Thanksgiving I emailed to our entire call center a revised edition of the poem I had written last year. 

Just two days ago I received an email from a supervisor in our other call center in Minnesota. She said she had come across my poem and really liked it. She wanted my permission to share it with all who work, not only at the call center but, our corporate headquarters as well. I told her I'd be honored if she wanted to share because I could use the publicity. 

Soon I began to get emails from other company employees in Minnesota telling me how much they liked the poem. I was really flattered. Once again I the satisfaction that something humorous I created was getting accolades and recognition. 

At 2:45 I went on my afternoon break. When I came back one of the call center supervisors presented me with my "major award". 

He told me that my poem had come to the attention of some of the "higher ups" at the corporate headquarters. They liked it and appreciated my effort to promote a positive attitude in the call center. 

So there you have the story of my new electric blanket. With the start of winter this past week it probably wont' be long before Paula and I have the need to try using it. 

I'm also proud that something humorous I wrote has gotten a small degree of recognition. It's almost as rewarding as making children laugh with my ventriloquist friends. 

Now here for you to, hopefully, enjoy is the poem that has allowed me to share, along with Ralphie's Dad, the joy of knowing what it's like to use "mind power" to win a "major award." 

Merry Christmas To All. 

A Call From St. Nick-2011
By Ron Havens

T’was a week before Christmas and in the call center
Customers were calling with orders to enter
Supervisors were so busy
With the things they must do
CSRs helping callers
Who were backed up in queue.

“One Call Resolution” that was my style
While at the same time giving “Service With A Smile”
Then came a call that was special, I could tell
Instead of a “beep” I heard a jingle bell.

On my screen was a number
And I said “bless my soul!”
I could tell from the address
It was from the North Pole.

I tried not to be nervous
And took a brief pause
His first name was “Nick”
And his last name was “Claus”

He told me he was anxiously 
working on his holiday list
So I asked him politely, 
“How may I assist?”

He answered, “This time of year
 I try not to get manic.”
But production’s behind 
and I’m starting to panic.”

“It’s a situation I didn’t know how to handle.
But then I discovered your great shopping channel.”

My throat went dry and I gulped down some water
And I told the “big guy”, “I can help place your order.”

He bought Invictas, Ed Hardys, then Croton watches
Pam McCoy fur coats with black Beaver splotches
From rugs for the porch to prints for the wall
He ordered it, ordered it, ordered it all.

He ordered some Sensa. “I hear that works great”.
“Cookies with milk really puts on the weight.”
In a season where people believe reindeer can fly
This call was amazing. Two hours flew by.

He finally finished and said “this work exhausts me.”
He was quiet for a moment then asked “What will this cost me?”

I scrolled through the order just briefly glancing
Then I asked if wanted the “special financing.”
I gave him the total. What it was I forget.
But the number would rival the national debt.

He asked, “How soon an arrival date
 can you give me?”
I said, “It will all be on time for your special delivery.”

It was a great call and it felt like a dream.
I got to be part of the Santa Claus team.

I asked “Is there anything else I can do?’
He said, “Thank for the help, son. 
I’m glad I got you.”

I replied, “Well you’ve been kind to me 
for a long time, you know.”
He said, “It’s been my pleasure” 
with a big “Ho Ho Ho.”

Before he hung up he chuckled to me.
“It’s gonna be a Merry Christmas, thanks to your company.”

So this holiday season when you take lots of calls
And the customers are driving you 
straight up the walls.

Remember my encounter with the “Jolly Old Elf.”
‘Cause you just might get the chance 
to help Santa, yourself.

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