Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Terrific Tuesday

It's Tuesday night and I'm about to "hit the hay" but before I do I wanted to document this terrific day. It didn't start out very well. I woke up at 5AM and couldn't go back to sleep so I got up. Paula did too. She eventually went back to bed because she's still on medical leave. I left for my job at 7:30.

My day at work went well. I got off early and headed to the Best Buy store. I pulled the trigger on the first major purchase of electronics for this year. I won't go into details now but I may later. Let me just say that it's something that will be used in our living room and be instrumental in giving us more time together.

Also when I got home from work I found that I had received a package in the mail. Inside it was a book that I had won on E-bay a couple of weeks ago. It's a book that I've been looking for for a long time. For reasons to be explained in a future post I was very very excited about getting it.

I then took Paula to church for the weekly hour-long practice of our church praise team. Paula's part one of the Sunday morning singers. Although I usually spent the time they're practicing recording something in the sound booth; tonight I decided to sing with them. It was a wonderful time. A rare few minutes with my fellow Christian brothers and sisters. We sang a couple of my favorite praise songs.

I then practiced a song I'm going to be singing when I lead the AWANA kids in music at the end of March. The song has lyrics about the Bible using an award winning melody from a Disney movie. (Imagine that!) I am very proud of the song but it's very "wordy" and rather difficult to sing. I'm going to need a lot more practice.

We came home after the practice. Paula made a wonderful supper and we spent the remainder of the evening wrapping coins from my change bank and watching some of our favorite shows on the DVR. They included: Cake Boss and House. We had a nice evening together.

So now I am getting ready to call it "a day". One last thing I do want to mention and that is I also created a new blog today. I won't go into details because I will be announcing it's name and purpose soon. Come back if I've sparked your curiosity.

Now that I've committed myself to at least 2 future posts I'm going to end this one. But I just had to let you all know that I had a terrific Tuesday. I can't think of anyway it could get any better...or could I? :)

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