Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Special Announcement

I would like to make an announcement. There will no longer be posts on this blog about anything to do with Disney. This may come as a surprise to some of you. But you read it right, no more Disney on RH Factors blog. "Oh No", you're saying to yourself, "He's turned his back on Disney ?" Did something happen to upset him? No that's not the reason for the announcement.

I have decided to start a 2nd blog that's going to be exclusively about all things Disney related. This way if you are interested in reading about Disney you can go to my new blog and read those posts exclusively. If you're not interested in them you can continue to read RH Factors posts and not have to page past all the posts written about Disney.

The name of the new blog is "Goofy Guy Off World Disney Blog."  You can get to this new blog through this link:

Don't worry I'm not going to stop posting to this blog. I promise I will have plenty of things to write about Disney and the every day experiences of this wonderful blessed life God has blessed me with.

I hope you enjoy both blogs.

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