Sunday, January 1, 2017

Blog Goals For 2017

Happy New Year Everyone. I trust that you all had a fun and safe New Year's Eve celebration. 

It was a quite one for us here. We went to the movies in the afternoon and just enjoyed each other's company until we watched the ball drop in Times Square on TV. 

Don't really have much to write about today but I did want to put something up in regard to the upcoming year and this blog. 

As of yesterday, the end of 2016, I have published 867 posts. According to my blog statistics page I have had 48,830 page views since April 2008.  

Sometime in 2017 I would like to make those numbers 1000 and 50,000 respectively. 

The average number of posts per year over the last 8.75 years has been about 100. With 30 being the lowest and 220, the highest. I want this to be an above average year. Of course, I'd really like to set a record for the most in year in 2017.

The post composition is totally dependent on me, I know, but I need your help with the page views. 

You know I appreciate you reading this blog. I don't ever want to take you, as a reader, for granted. But I'd like to make a bit stronger appeal for something I ask of you quite often.

Please share my post notifications on Facebook on your timeline. Also, share a link to my blog with anyone you think might enjoy reading it as a means of connecting with me. Even if you think they may enjoy the subject of one particular post, share it with them. That will help me get to my blog goals for 2017. 

As far as my personal goals for the new year are concerned, let me just say this. I have made a list of 17 goals for 2017. Many of them are carry overs from last year

I am not going to share them right now but I will as I achieve them. 

I encourage you to make the change of the calendar the starting point for making changes in you. Pursue your passions this year and embrace anything that helps get you there.

Let's make it a great year. 

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