Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Closing A Parenthesis

The dictionary definition of "parenthesis" is: 
a word, clause, or sentence inserted as an explanation or afterthought into a passage that is complete without it. 

Although that definition refers to grammar, our lives are full of parenthesis too. Things that require out attention and focus so they take us off the path of everyday life. 

Our pair of trips to Florida last December and then again in March were two of the  parenthesis that left us with some longtime memories.

For Paula and me, today closes the life parenthesis which began for us in mid-May. It started out as a single event and snowballed to include a series of things we had to deal with. Paula's rotator cuff surgery on May 10 started it off. 

Over the Memorial Day weekend, I was admitted to the hospital and subsequently had surgery to have my gallbladder removed. 

I shared details of both of these events in previous posts: May 25 & June 5.

A week later I was back in the hospital ER, getting treated for a bladder infection, an unfortunate consequence of my surgery. It took me a couple of weeks and two rounds of antibiotics to get over it. 

June 10 began our battle with the lingering stench in our house because of a skunk spraying outside right next to our A/C unit and in our backyard. It's nearly 3 weeks later and we are finally getting rid of the odor. The final step was having our dog, Angel, treated, bathed and trimmed at the local dog groomers. Details about what we had to deal with are in my June 5 post.

And finally, this past Monday, I had a routine colonoscopy. If you've never had this test, I can't even begin to explain it in a tactful way. Let me just say getting scoped at the hospital is only half the "fun."

The purpose of this post is to declare that today marks the end of our May & June parenthetical period. Paula went back to work today and I'm getting back to working on the projects and things that need to be done here at the house. 

In retrospect the parenthesis was not all bad. On the down side, we had the frustration of dealing with the stench in our house and our bank account has taken a hit because of the medical bills and cost of pest control services. 

But Paula and I did get the chance to spend the majority of the 6 weeks. Believe it or not we are still talking to each other. 

We went to the movies about half a dozen times. We watched a couple of movies at home and binge watched 7 seasons of a TV show on Netflix. Paula got the chance to start putting together a jigsaw puzzle from those she has purchased over the last few years. 

Best of all, we had the chance to spend a couple of weekdays with our granddaughter. 

So I guess when I look back at the last couple of months, I just might be able to recollect that there was some good mixed in with the bad.

But now it's time to start moving forward again. Getting used to being back in the reality of "normal life" is going to take both of us a couple of days. But at least it's just a 3 day work week before the July 4th holiday weekend. 

How do you view your life parenthesis?  Do you think of them as interruptions? Are they "detours", "bumps in the road" or simply part of God's plan? How do you handle them? Let me know. I'd be interested in a different point of view. 

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