Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Graduation Accolades For Teejai

Today is a day of celebration for a special young lady. 

My youngest niece, Teejai (pronounced "T J") is graduating from Easton Area High School in Easton, Pennsylvania. 

The picture above was taken on her "official" last day of class. 

She is the last of my two sister's children to finish with secondary education. Which is sort of a milestone for our family. All my nieces and my nephew are now "officially" adults. 

Although I moved to Kentucky when she was not yet 2 years old, Paula and I have become very close with TeeJai as she's grown up. 

In 2013, when asked what she wanted for her 16th birthday she chose to come to visit us. 

Although we really wanted to be, things didn't work out for us to be in Pennsylvania to watch her graduate in person. 

But through the tools of technology, we were both able to watch her get her diploma by way of streaming video on the internet. 

To honor my niece, I wanted to use today's post to send out a big hug and a resounding "Congratulations" to her. 

In addition to her parents, who have loved and guided her through this educational journey I want to say "you did a great job". 

As our personal salute to how much we have enjoyed being part of Teejai's life, I've posted a photo album on my Facebook page. Check it out in the photo section. Here's a direct link: TeeJai Elaine Pearson: High School Graduate  

Both Paula and I are proud of the young lady our niece has grown into and look forward to seeing the beautiful woman and amazing person she's going to be. 

TeeJai Elaine Pearson, graduate of Easton Area High School, We are very proud of you and love you very much. 

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