Saturday, December 6, 2014

Welcome To December

Since my last post, this year's calendar has been reduced to a single page. 2014 is almost over. It's been a good year with a lot of fun times; but there is a lot of memories yet to be made. 

I don't have to tell you that the past two weeks have been busy. It's that time of the year. The Christmas season is in high gear.  Although I'm already into a daily routine, I'm still kind of adjusting to being back to work full time. 

The most important thing to happen over the last couple of weeks was Thanksgiving. It was a day of food, and family. 

My granddaughter came to our house and put on the dress that Paula bought her for this special occasion. It made her look even more adorable than she already is. 

For the first time this year our Thanksgiving meal was a collaborative effort. It made the day a lot easier on Paula, who has been rather sick over the last month or so. Everyone made and brought their own contribution to our dinner table. 

Paula and I provided the turkey, which my son, James, carved like a pro, after watching a "how to" video on You Tube. 

Michael & Heather brought mac & cheese (a staple at almost any dinner we have at our house, not just Thanksgiving) and sweet potato casserole.  

Theresa brought green beans, corn and dinner rolls. Brandi provided a homemade pecan pie for dessert.  

On the day before Thanksgiving I made and sent a special video to my sister, Shari, on her birthday. I posted it on my You Tube channel. A Birthday Song For Shari 

Perhaps the most significant accomplishment of this week, for me personally, has been the dawn of a new era for my "Rewind" recordings. 

Finally, after nearly a year of planning and intent (see my January 19, 2014 post, "Rewind Backlog"), I have my home recording "studio" set up and I'm using it. 

I've started recording my 2014 Rewind Christmas show this week.  It's the first program that will be recorded in a digital MP3 format from the beginning. Recording on CDs is no longer part of the process. I'll be posting some pictures of my set up either on Facebook, You Tube or here in a future post.   
We've begun rearranging the living room so we can set up the Christmas tree and put up the decorations. 

I will be adding a lot more Lego to my Christmas display this year. When we finally get it all up and ready I'll post some pictures. 

Perhaps the most exciting thing happening this weekend is the final rehearsal and performance of "The Christmas Cross" children's play at church. I am the director again this year. The kids have been practicing hard ever since the middle of October. 

Today, they will be at the final practice for 3 1/2 hours. We will get all the lines, and staging down as best as we can. If the kids enthusiasm and excitement counts for anything, the performance tomorrow night at 6PM will be a memorable one. You are all invited. Would love to see you. 

So as Christmas gets closer the anticipation builds, its the time for starting and continuing traditions. Being the sentimental, romantic kind of guy I am, I really enjoy December. I agree with Andy Williams: It's the most wonderful time of the year.

My next post is yet another blog milestone. I promise it will be one that shares the story of something I never even imagined would happen; but it did. 

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