Monday, October 13, 2014

Latest In Lego 5

Got a lot of Lego stuff to show you this time. Over the last two weeks there's been a new set of mini-figures released, I made a pair of visits to the Lego store in Nashville, and started stocking up on even more Lego Christmas displays. 

The first thing is something I mentioned in my last Lego post. I actually did donate that bin full of Lego bricks and pieces to Curbside Ministries. I received a "thank you" message from the ministry's director, Terry, on Facebook as well as a "Thank you" card in the mail. I know it was a gift out of my excess but it still helped fulfill a need in a very worthwhile ministry. 

I have built the final model from Creator kit 31014. It's a dump truck. 
And I've also finished building the small cottage from Creator kit 31009. It's pretty nice. I really like building models that open up to see inside. 

The first model I chose to build out of Creator 31017 Sunset Speeder kit is the truck cab. 

This is one of the smaller models but was still fun to build. I'm always fascinated at how even with a few pieces Lego can capture some pretty good details. 

On the afternoon of Wednesday October 1, I left my house as a man on a mission. That day was the release date for the latest Lego mini-figure series. 

I've been waiting for this new series to become available for a little over a month. To collect this series I plan on following the same method I did with the Simpson series. I'm going to buy them in bulk, take them home and take my time to identify them. 

It means having to return most of them back to the store but it is a lot more efficient and enjoyable. 

In the most convenient and economically efficient way to get some blind bags to open I went to the Toys R Us store in Bowling Green. 

Much to my disappointment the new yellow blind bags are nowhere to be found. But there was a "silver lining" to this trip. 

A little over a year ago I had the biggest "fail" in my Lego building career. But it wasn't with a Lego product. The Kre-o model of the Starship Enterprise warped while it was stored in my car during the heat of the summer. Thus it would not go together correctly, even with modeling glue. I ended up throwing most of the pieces away. 

Ever since then I've regretted not having an Enterprise model. Over the last 6 months I've had my eye on another Kre-o kit with a smaller version of the Enterprise. But the price has been a lot higher than I wanted to pay. On October 1, I saw the kit on clearance at 50% off the original price. I now have another Enterprise model to build. 

After coming up empty for mini-figures at Toys R Us I had only one alternative to find them on their release day. I drove onto I-65 south and headed to Nashville. I was going to the Lego store. 

I found a whole bin full of the bright yellow packages. The store put a limit of 32 blind bags per person so that's what I bought. I also got a couple of sets that will add to my Christmas display this year. 

The amount of my purchase also qualified me for Lego's October free gift with purchase. It's also something that will be part of my Christmas decorations this year. 

 I took the blind bags home and that night my wife and I went through them. We spent a couple of hours using our sense of touch to detect which mini-figure was in each bag. Our goal was to open and collect a full set. 

We found 12 out of the 16 while only opening the 3 doubles. Not a bad ratio and we had a lot of fun doing it. I like it when my wife enjoys one of my hobbies with me. 

On the following Saturday, as part of our trip to Nashville to see Disney On Ice, stopped by the Opry Mills Mall to I return the unopened blind bags to the Lego store.

While there James and Brandi allowed me to pick out a belated birthday present. I got these two models. 

The turkey model will sit on top of my Lego calendar in November. The reindeer will be a part of what is going to be a rather large expansion of the presence of Lego in our holiday decorations this year. 

Speaking of my Lego calendar, I've built a couple of models that I'm using as part of my October calendar. 

The first one is the pumpkin that I showed you in the video in my September Lego report. The other is an original creation based on a model I saw on the Lego October store event calendar. I really like this guy. 

Frankie was a lot of fun to create and is my 2nd favorite original creation I've made this year. Here he is as part of my October calender. 

Okay, I kinda left you hanging in regard to my effort to collect my 3rd set of mini-figures this year. 

A few days after my first try, I returned to Toys R Us and found the blind bags I was looking for. I took them home and found 3 of the 4 characters I needed. Not having any place else near me to get blind bags I decided that it would be best to order the last figure I needed from Amazon. So last Saturday I received "Genie Girl" in the mail.

Now I have all 16 characters in Series 14 (technically it's the 12th series of original Lego mini-figures. There were two series this year based on licensed characters, The Lego Movie and The Simpsons) and am ready to put them on display. 

I only had to open 21 blind packs to complete this set. It was the most efficient effort for mini-figures.

My top 3 favorites in this set are: Piggy Guy, the Jester, and goth girl. 

So there you have the Latest In Lego for me. I told you there was a lot of stuff to cover. Hope you have enjoyed reading about it. See you next time with LIL6. Until then be creative and build something. 

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