Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Mike Williams In Person

In January of 2011, Paula and I went the then newly built South Warren High School to see Christian comedian, Jeff Allen. It was an event sponsored by the local Christian radio station. 

This past Monday night we went to see another comedian brought to town by the same station. This time it was at a local church. 

The evening started out with meeting a few of my fellow Oakland Baptist Church members for dinner at a Mexican restaurant a few doors down from the church. 

The Crossroads Church, in Bowling Green is housed in a converted (no pun intended) movie theater in a shopping plaza located at the one of the city's busiest intersections. 

We had a nice dinner and a time of "fellowship" before walking down to the church for the event.  

Like, Jeff Allen, I know Mike G. Williams' comedy from hearing it on the XM radio "Laugh USA" comedy channel. He is a very very funny man. 

He is also a missionary to the Dominican Republic. He is involved in rescuing young Dominican girls from becoming a victim of human trafficking. 

He took some time to talk about that during his time on stage. You could tell by the serious tone in his voice when he spoke about it, that he's very devoted to his ministry. 

But most of the night he made us laugh. 

Paula and I sat in the front row on the right side of the stage. I wanted to make sure I got a good view. 

The night was made memorable when Mr. Williams asked if any employees of the Fruit of The Loom were in the audience. Much to my surprised Paula raised her hand. 

Mike asked her what she did and then made some jokes about it. Most of them were about the identity of underwear "inspector #7." 

A lot of his jokes I was familiar with because I've heard them on the radio; but not all of them. But even though I had heard them before actually in the audience being part of a routine I was so familiar with was somewhat surreal and very cool. 

One of the reasons I like Mike so much is that he points out some of the stupidity you find or see in every day life. He talked about: Lawn Darts, McDonald's offering braille and picture menus at their drive thru windows and the Colorado state school board banning kids from playing tag.

I liked the 2nd half of his show the most because he did musical comedy. I love musical comedy and use it in my ventriloquist act whenever I can.   

I was a little disappointed in that he didn't do my favorite of his bits. I call it the "Eagle song." You have to see it for yourself. Here's a link to the video on Mike's You Tube channel. Is you subscribe to the channel, you can see his other routines as well.
Mike Williams: The Eagle Song

We had a great time sitting there laughing at Mike's performance. It was a double dose of fun for me. I loved the opportunity to see one of my favorite comics and also got to see Paula have a good time. 

What I mean by that is with all the stress at her job these days she needs to have as much fun as she can get. For her, the laughter was good medicine. 

Because he was busy helping people buying his books and CD at his table after the show, I only got to talk with Mike briefly. I told him how much I appreciated "The Eagle song" and all his other bits on XM radio. 

I don't know if I'll ever get to see Mike Williams perform again but I would love the opportunity. I would also love the chance to sit and talk with him about his career and comedy in general. 

As we usually do Paula and I have seen several live performances in 2014. So far seeing Mike Williams has been my favorite. 

In honor of Mike Williams and his eye for and appreciation of stupidity in life, here's a link to a video on my RHFactors You Tube channel. It features one of the most tasteless toys I've ever seen. I found it at Walmart, today. A Stupid Toy

Now I know I've just started back to posting after a long lay off but I want to let you know that something else is going to be taking up my time the rest of the week. I probably won't be able to post again until early next week; for that I apologize. 

But I promise when I do get back I'll fill you in on what I've been doing and much more. TTYL

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