Tuesday, November 12, 2013

A 4-D Experience

Saturdays for those of us in the Havens household have settled into a pattern that plays out in two ways. One of them is a day where Paula and I stay home to relax, do chores or possibly work on some of our on-going "home improvement " projects. 

The other "story line" for Saturday involves spending the majority of the day out with friends or family. It could be going to the movies; out for dinner, shopping, or to see a live entertainment event.

This past weekend we had one of those "day out" Saturdays. 

At the invitation of our son and daughter-in-law, Michael and Heather, we went to the Opry Mills Mall in Nashville. We were headed to the I-Max 3D version of the new Thor movie. 

For it being the opening weekend the 4:15PM showing at the I-Max was not crowded at all. By visual estimate the theater was barely 1/2 full. But that was most likely an anomaly. From the reports I read today the follow up to "The Avengers" was # 1 at the box office for the weekend. Believe it or not it out earned the next 15 movies earnings COMBINED!!! 

The movie comes through with action but the story was a bit difficult for me to follow. Still I got the general idea. I enjoyed it as yet another terrific Marvel film. 

After the movie the four of us walked through the mall to the food court. While Michael and I waited for a table at the Chilli's restaurant; Paula and Heather went shopping for clothes.  

By the time we finished out dinner it was after 8 o'clock; less than an hour until the mall closed. But we wanted to do more shopping. We went to the Disney Outlet store, first. 

Paula bought a new Minnie Mouse cup for Aria and a couple of Christmas gifts for her as well. I found a Goofy figure to add to my Goofy collection. It was "clearance" priced @ $5. As part of the store's weekend sale we got a 25% discount on everything we bought. 

Of course, I can't go to the Opry Mills without going to the Lego store. That was our final stop of the night. I had not planned on getting anything more than their featured bubble pack for the month; a Thanksgiving theme scene. 

But because of a discovery made by Paula, I bought more. She pointed out to me, something that I'm very excited about. It's a brand new Lego version of the Delorean time machine from the movie "Back To The Future." 

Both Michael and I got very excited about this model. We each got one. Although Paula is going to hold mine back to give me as a Christmas present (I promised to act surprised). 

As we finished up in the Lego store the announcement that the mall was closing came over the PA system. We made out way back down the mall's concourse back to the entrance near the movie theater and out to our car. Our day out with the "kids" was over but for the ride home. 

It was great spending time with them; yet another memory made and lot of fun. I continue to be amazed that our children actually enjoy to spending time with us. Days like this are what I live for. 

We talked about a lot of things over the course of the day. The most important discussion for me was about the possibility of the whole family taking Aria to Walt Disney World, for the first time, near the end of next year. But that's still just one of my crazy ideas and no where near for certain. 

There you have my "4-D experience". It was a day that involved a demigod (Thor), a Dinner, a Disney store, and a cool Delorean. 

One of the best and memorable days of 2013. 

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