Sunday, May 26, 2013

Puppy Purification Process

For the last couple of months my dogs have needed a bath. But I have been putting it off, because like most things for me, getting Angel and Dory clean and smelling good is a process. It takes the better part of a day. 

With nothing going on for us this Memorial Day weekend I decided it was time for a "doggy dunking."

The steps include: taking their crates out onto the car port and washing them down with the hose; vacuuming and wet mopping the dog room floor; washing the covers of their pillows; taking the pillow cushions out onto the deck and spraying them with Febreeze. 

After that it's time to take the dogs, one at a time, into the bathroom and bathe them. 

As soon as I take their collars off they know what's coming. Angel always goes first and she has to be forced into the bathroom. 

While she's getting her bath, Dory usually finds a place to hide. She's usually under Paula's feet in the living room. I end up picking her up and carrying her to the tub. 

After each of them are rinsed off they are toweled off so they're as dry as possible. Finally, they are sent to their crates to dry completely. 

The room where we keep their crates smells like "wet dog" for the rest of the day; but by tomorrow they will be completely dry, fluffy and odor free. That's the goal of the whole process.

Here they are eating their lunch & drying off.

There's a bit of clean up including washing all the towels I use and cleaning up in the bathroom. 

Today, I started about 11AM and was done by 3 in the afternoon. Once it's over I'm glad that I did it. But I have to really get motivated to get started. 

Finally, after 3 months of putting it off my dogs are clean again; at least for a week or so. 

So how did you spend your Sunday afternoon?

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